Anna (2019) Movie [Updated] Watch Online Details, Review, Plot, Cast, Trivia Details

Starring the beautiful Sasha Luss in the leading role, Anna is already being hailed as an absolute superstar of a movie in the industry. Although launched alongside highly popular franchise movies like Toy Story 4 and Child’s Play, it still stood on its own and collected a hefty amount at the box office. Get your details on where you can watch Anna movie online for free!

With such an impressive plot, gorgeous cast and fantastic movie cinematography, this is likely to develop into a cult classic of a movie in no time. You won’t find a moment of this movie boring in the very least.

Anna Movie Plot Details

The movie’s trailer kicks off with a cop Alexander Tchenkov, played by Cillian Murphy, questioning Anna, played by Sasha Luss. It cuts to a scene where Anna’s glorious life as a supermodel is depicted. Picked from among multiple entries among Russian models, she powers on to become the very best of them. However, she has left quite a few heads ruffled in the process, leading to this interrogation.

Alex continues to show her a feed where she is seen entering a hotel. Alex asks her if she noticed anything suspicious in the hotel. It is revealed in a cutscene that she had attempted to assassinate a man in broad daylight but got sabotaged midway due to this tight security measures.

Yet, this is no impediment for her as she continues to ruthlessly breakdown her opponents one by one until they are all dead. It shows a magnificent action scene where she fights with men and defeats them like butter.

She is shown to have a handler, who trains her and sends her out on dangerous missions. Anna is their biggest asset, as she is responsible for a large portion of the group’s successful hits against targets.

It is revealed in a flashback story that she was originally a destitute lady, who had plans to commit suicide. However, all that changed when she was offered a second chance by Alex. She turns out to become a successful KGB agent and is offered a position for 5 years, at the completion of which, she may retire. However, the KGB head reneges on this offer and states that the only way to escape the KGB is by dying.

The movie then follows her life as she navigates various circumstances to escape the KGB’s hold. She enters into a deal with the CIA, which promises her a safe life and everything she ever wanted in exchange for killing the KGB head. Her previous handler also agrees to this plan as it would allow her to rise through the ranks quickly.

All goes as per planned and the chief is eliminated. However, right when everything seems fair and calm, Olga, her handler, reneges on her offer and shoots Anna dead, or so it seems. In reality, Anna is seen escaping through the tunnels, implying that Olga was in on this the whole time. She is finally free of her old life and can go back to a normal, undisturbed life.

Anna Movie Cast & Crew Details

  • Sasha Luss plays Anna Poliatova, a Russian supermodel and superspy. Sasha is known for her work in campaign ads for several high profile clients like Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain, Dior, Moncler, where she became famous among the masses for her stunning looks.
  • Helen Mirren plays Olga. Helen is an outstanding veteran actress from Hollywood, known for her roles in The Queen and The Audience. Universally beloved, she has played many roles in an illustrious career spanning decades.
  • Luke Evans portrays Alexander Tchenkov. He is an exemplary actor, known for his work in the Fast and Furious Series, Dracula Untold and Clash of the Titans. He is a leading figure in the industry.
  • Cillian Murphy portrays Leonard Miller, a detective who is on the trail, hunting down the wrongdoers. Cillian is known for his work on Peaky Blinders, a famous cult classic among fans of the genre.

Apart from the 4 listed above, there are many other actors and actresses as well, who have lent their incredible acting prowess for the movie.

Anna Movie Review

Anna has a ton of fast-paced moves and scenes that remind you of John Wick. We can say she’s a worthy opponent and female counterpart to John Wick himself. The direction and acting are brilliantly executed.

Luc Besson has done an incredible job at the story and communicating it brilliantly via his actors. When it comes to the plotline, it is a real edge of your seat kind of thing as there’s no telling how it would go. You are constantly left awaiting the suspense to be over with bated breaths.

The actors have done a brilliant job themselves. Cillian and Sasha Luss deserve special applause for the chemistry they share with each other through the film.

Fun Trivia

The movie is directed by the same person, Luc Besson, who also directed Lucy and The Professional, which explains why the movie has such an assassin-themed script.

Anna Movie Watch Online Details

Set for a release date of June 21, 2019, the movie had crossed major expectations within a few days of the launch. The movie will later be launched in Netflix and Amazon Prime, where it can be enjoyed by fans worldwide for almost throwaway prices. This is where you can find watch online Anna movie.

In case you are wondering how to get it for free, there is an awesome program available from Netflix, where one can watch unlimited content for 30 days absolutely for free. This really is a blessing and the catalog will most probably include the Anna series as well.

Amazon Prime has a free trial period as well, where you may have unlimited access to their catalog and associated services, absolutely for free!

We would like to inform you that should any unofficial but legitimate links pop up on our radar, we would definitely update them on this very same article. Keep checking out these page for any new updates regarding this!

Head over and enjoy this beautiful masterpiece of a movie!

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